Vampire sex fetish. Urban Dictionary: vampire fetish

Vampire sex fetish. 13 Awesome Fetishes You May Not Know (And How to Try Them): Part One

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Urban Dictionary: vampire fetish

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These people with a vampire fetish are known as sanguine, while others that prefer the psychic or sexual energy of a partner are known as psionic. Both subcultures have an active network of online forums, and these are boosted by high-profile vampires, like Michelle Navarette. Those with a vampire fetish must find a safe and willing donor. Image: via Shutterstock. Modern Vampires need to find safe and willing donors to quench heir thirst for blood. Many are in a relationship with their donor, but others are approached by, or seek out, vamp-curious donors online. In the community, these people are referred to as Black Swans or Blood Dolls, and they often see themselves as polyamorous , in that they donate to multiple partners.