Pics of braided buns. 7 Stunning French Braided Buns for Women – HairstyleCamp

Pics of braided buns. 20 Braided Updo Hairstyles That Beat Leaving Your Hair Down

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If there's one thing short , long , curly and straight hair all have in common, it's that they all look crazy-good with a braid. Braids experienced a resurgence the last couple of years — and with tons of new ways to rethink the classic plait — from soft and romantic, to classic with modern twist — they are officially here to stay! Braids are unique, but totally timeless too. You won't look back at your wedding day photos in 20 years and regret having a braid in your hair, no matter what style you choose. That being said, we've searched high and low for some of the prettiest braids, and although it was quite hard, we've managed to narrow down our top plaits. So, whether you're looking for a style that's light and romantic, or on the hunt for something a bit modern, there's a braid for you. Ahead, you'll find 61 swoon-worthy plaits fit for any wedding.