Images of a broken penis. Penile Fracture(Broken Penis) - Symptoms, Pictures, Causes, Treatment, Surgery

Images of a broken penis. Everything You Should Know About Penile Fractures

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Images in clinical medicine. Penile fracture.

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Cards on the table, guys—penile fracture is a rough topic. And yes, it really is as awful as it sounds. To understand how you can break your penis, you have to know a little about the general structure of the penis and how erections work. This causes that spongy tissue to engorge and stiffen. Fortunately, the penis has a strong, white sheath of fibrous tissue called the tunica albuginea surrounding the dual spongy, blood filled tubes Corpus Cavernosum and the Corpus spongiosum. This sheath—the tunica albuginea —is what allows a penis to become rigid enough to penetrate a partner. And it has to be incredibly strong to contain this swelling, pressure, and the force of penetration.