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Secrets forum pattaya

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The staff are all great. Steve, who was an early partner and the first day-manager at Secrets, stayed involved for a while then decided it was not for him and he would be leaving. One would think that it would be a challenge but that has not really been an issue for me despite working wecrets an alcohol-fueled industry. Yes, customer satisfaction was my only concern.

Of course there are bars doing very well this low season but I am sure they are in the minority.

I did have an opportunity of employment a while back but passed on it. We hope you'll the conversation by posting to an open topic or starting a new one. Thailand Crime Suppression Police Lieutenant Colonel Kwanphichai Manojaroensub led his undercover police team to raid the Secrets nightclub after being informed of alleged prostitution and possible underage girls working on the premises.

Ladyboy in pattaya #coronavirus - pattaya forum - thailand visa

I would always ask staff their opinion and how they felt about things. In the past Walking Street was busy with the customers that the bars wanted and needed.

Chuchai admitted to all accusations. I do wish them the best of luck with the business. Well, he came back from that trip and went again weeks later.

Of course if they were doing nothing to the place then fair enough but they have been doing a lot of upgrades to the common areas so the increase they are asking for is pattay no way out of line. Some of these ladies are absolute charmers while others may be anything but.

I had an A. Their reasoning behind the treatment is, well, I paid the barfine so she must do as I say. Easy money? They know my plans and if I am happy, they are happy. So what of the future?

The life of larry

The rate of change is only going to increase and the Pattaya of old will rapidly become but a memory. I would be willing foeum bet there was not another bar manager that had it as easy as I did during my days working at the bars and because of that, it was easy for me.

It was nice they thought I could be a big part of getting Secrets back to the way it was in the early days but I am enjoying not having to be at any place at any given time. Share this post.

Pattaya - secrets agogo walking street

The Chat board went down for a few days for unknown reasons and during that time I was contacted by Ben and asked to moderate the Steam Room which was a pretty much anything goes section of the Secrets forum. And what is it like working in bars when the central focus for many is drinking — and often to excess. If a guy was, say, 55 years old, and planned to retire in his early or mid 60s, would you say battle on, stash the cash and stick to the original plan, or would you tell them to throw caution to the wind, cash out now and make the most of it while they can, while some of the Secretss of old remains?

Which of the Pattaya forums, if any, are you active on these days?

Secrets pattaya forum

I've been farted around in LoS many times with a blacker than night Indian bloke with a fantastic British accent He's Malaysian but educated in the UK. During our meeting it was obvious his goal is getting Gorum back on track. Many people, particularly those who live for their trips to Pattaya, would say you had a dream job managing girly bars in Pattaya.

What do you say to scerets The bars need the girls.

Secrets hotel renovations - pattaya forum

Now they feel for a little baht they can buy someone they can control. You wrote in excess ofposts on that forum! What the hell?! I almost found my way back as end of August about a week before the Secrets September 1st, 12th anniversary party, I was secregs to meet with Paul, a Secrets partner and his son James great guys at Secrets regarding me returning to work at Secrets.

Back to Pattaya and to work a week later I get a call, she is asking to return to Babydolls to work.

They just do not need the bars anymore. If you are happy after 60 days, you are ready for Pattaya.

Pattaya hotels and places to stay

Social media has replaced the need for girls to be employed by a bar. Time will tell. I have never one time gotten involved with an employee. Chuchai to pay for the room and the bar fine. It was at one time the biggest but I think that honor would have to go to ofrum Pattaya Addicts forum now. The medical care decrets nowhere near as good as we Corona milfs Swinging here in Pattaya. Well, it seems she got a message on her phone and a customer wanted to see her now, not after work but now, so she left.

Sorry, Terry, that will not happen! Yes, I liked my drink, no question about that. Prices are up but where do the prices stay patttaya same?

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Hiring, partaya, inventory control, banking, ing etc. The job of bar manager is different depending on the bar. The action of Mr. Re: secrets bar and hotel 12 years ago I have stayed at Secrets during my last trip in Pattaya. Suspect 2, Ms.

Some are better known as meeter-greeters. That said, over the years I have seen some ex employees after they left the bar that I was working with at Secrets and from Babydolls but never while under my employ. In what other bars did you work in Pattaya?