Paralympics ireland swimming. Paralympics Ireland

Paralympics ireland swimming. Ireland at the Paralympics

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Ireland at the Summer Paralympics - Wikipedia

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Ireland was one of twenty-eight nations to send a delegation to compete at the Summer Paralympics in Tel Aviv , Israel from November 4 to 13, Rosaleen Gallagher won a medal in four different sports; archery , athletics , swimming and table tennis. The Paralympics groups athletes' disabilities into one of five disability categories ; amputation , the condition may be congenital or sustained through injury or illness; cerebral palsy ; wheelchair athletes, there is often overlap between this and other categories; visual impairment , including blindness ; Les autres, any physical disability that does not fall strictly under one of the other categories, for example dwarfism or multiple sclerosis. Events are given a code, made of numbers and letters, describing the type of event and classification of the athletes competing. One Irish archer competed at the Games. Rosaleen Gallagher took part in the St.