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However, the opponents of the legalization of prostitutes and sex establishments are armed with the experience of Europeans.

Why should earnings by prostitution be legalized? This happened, according to Iryna Suslova, through ificant resonance and public pressure. And they have an exceptionally negative connotation. The experience of Germany testifies: prostitutes in legal brothels also suffer from violence, the level of child prostitution and ukrwinian slavery is growing. The majority of the customers are from Turkey.

It is suitable for Ukraine. Advertising is at the airports, hotels, metro.

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The traffickers say they will work as dancers or in-store clerks. What is prostitution?

But the official information is approximate and does not give a clear image of the situation. This is a kind of entrepreneurial activity, the purpose of which is to provide services of an intimate nature, again, for money.

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Nemyrovsky assured Opinion. Everything should be according to the examples of civilized countries. Yaremenko, every th prostitute in Ukraine is underage. Like any other job? But for the seekers of amorous entertainment, pretending to be tourists, our country is very attractive.

Prior to laws criminalising organised prostitution had little effect. People, who are engaged in prostitution, will pay taxes because all the funds from this activity fall into the pockets of law enforcement or pimps.

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There are thefts, robbery, other crimes, inherent in human nature, but the society does not legalize them! This will lead to additional costs for the law enforcement system, psychological rehabilitation, medical support. The reason is: sex tourism is much cheaper here than in other countries, visa Los angeles hot chicks logistical obstacles are inificant. That is, it is not esforts problem related to regulation, it is a problem of the phenomenon itself.

In particular, who is a prostitute? Moreover, agencies take over the whole organization, tickets and hotels to develop leisure planning, etc. To conduct a public opinion poll on how people relate to this because democracy is the right of the majority. What will it give to the country? Because women will be able to defend themselves. Illegal business is established primarily in large cities: Kyiv, Odesa, Kharkiv, Lviv.

According to Olena Zaitseva, the pimps business resists, and, having enough resources, launches false promises in the media.

Unfortunately, labor market experts did not want to comment on their viewpoint of the situation to Opinion. According to police, in4,5 thousand minors suffered from sexual violence, exploitation and harassment. Official statistics of the Ministry of Internal Affairs testify up to cases of trade last year.

Prostitution in ukraine

There were efforts from the Ukrainian Ministry of Health and other political parties in favour of the legalization of prostitution in the lead up to the major sporting event, claiming that it would improve the prostitutes' working conditions, avoiding sexual transmitted diseases, and creating a new source of tax revenue.

The fact that the body trade is actually a human trafficking is recognized by psychologist Zoya Garkavenko. Pimping an ykrainian minor below 14 years makes the term eight to fifteen years.

Pimping and pandering are prosecuted, with which I agree: society cannot turn a blind eye, moreover, legitimize public houses and prostitution. But the problem is that in Ukraine any issues, related to eroticism, porn, etc. A few more countries are on the way to ewcorts application. OK The statement about the unattractiveness of Ukraine for foreigners because of corruption, crime, underdeveloped infrastructure is reasonable when it comes to investors and entrepreneurs.

From those, who secretly use their services, but publicly condemn them. The sex industry is rapidly marching through its territories. There is a certain tendency to substitute uorainian and consequences.