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What does k Want Sexual Encounters

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What does k

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Used both as a spoken word and a written suffix like meg and gig for megabyte and gigabyte.

See quantifiers. The New Hacker's Dictionary 5.

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K Word commonly used in Sweden to express the fact that you couldn't care less about something. The Standard Electrical Dictionary 5.

It came into the Latin from the Greek, which received it from a Phoenician source, the ultimate origin probably being Egyptian. If you find an online conversation with somebody to be boring or having an argument with anohter doea online using K kills the conversation and will probably piss the other person off.

Yes please! Also used to kill conversations with people. K means "Okay" and "Kids".

Person 2: K. K directly translated means - I don't fucking care Can also be used anywhere at any given time to express dissatisfaction with the conversation - Do you like my new profile picture?

For example: Person 1: Do you want to come to the game tomorrow? On online dating sites, K is also used with the meaning "Kids".

Person 2: K! As with "Okay", the use of K indicates acceptance, agreement, approval, or acknowledgment. Webster Dictionary 0.

Summary of key points

Often used to answer a question without answering it directly. Etymologically K is most nearly related to c, g, h which see Freebase 0.

Its name in English is kay pronouncedplural kays. The letter K usually represents the voiceless velar plosive. Also used to intensify negatives; thus, k-evil, k-lame, k-screwed, and k-annoying.

The form and sound of the letter K are from the Latin, which used the letter but little except in the early period of the language. Editors Contribution 0.

What Does K Mean? Person 1: Be home by 10 pm, or you will be grounded.

What does k mean?

We drove 15 ks before we realised Billy wasn't in the back seat. Overuse of this prefix, or use in more formal or technical contexts, is considered an indicator of lamer status. Whaf to pronounce k? Here, K indicates reluctant acknowledgement and acceptance of an order. The abbreviation K is typically used as a way of shortening the abbreviation "OK" meaning "Okay" still further.

Here, K indicates genuine enthusiasm in accepting the offer. However, it may sometimes be interpreted as lacking enthusiasm.