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I Search Hookers Why do women like to be spanked

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Why do women like to be spanked

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It feels good: Turns out, her body may actually positively react to getting spanked. Asserting your control between the sheets shows that you know what you want and how you want it, and we're more than happy to be on the receiving end of your domination.

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When we can already see your next move coming, our excitement will wane and our minds will wander. It makes sense that the person being spanked would find it arousing. A woman can choose to be anything she wants to be. After dpanked wrap things up, you want to check in with your partner again.

Science seems to offer some answers. Maybe they agreed to something while in a neutral setting, but they feel differently when acting out the scene. Maybe they want to cuddle. In our culture, a lot of us grew up with the threat or actuality of spanking as children for punishment. Out of the participants, the submissive wjy.

Sexual spanking is performed in the context of a role-play. What Plante emphasizes, though, is that just because spanking is a BDSM practice that has become more normalized and accepted, it's not something that everyone likes, or that everyone should feel compelled to like.

The real reason smart women love a good spanking

Women like being spanked because for just a few, precious seconds they are transported by a pain of their own choosing away from the strictures of control that we have to exercise to survive AND be female at the same time. Though it's objectively positive that the kinky act has lost some of its stigmatization through things like 50 Shades of Grey and its accessibility as one of BDSM's possibly more "vanilla" acts, not everyone's script—or behind—wants a good striking.

Biologically, when a person enjoys a sexual act, their brain releases dopamine, the neurotransmitter dk heats up the brain's reward and pleasure centers. If a woman gets pleasure out of being sexually submissive, then great.

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December 2, We all need a good spanking. As Plante says, "The bottom line with our sexualities is that we should be getting comfortable with them and with them changing throughout our lives, but that we should never be feeling coerced or compelled for what we're doing or not. Image by Danil Nevsky via Stocksy. In that way, spanking seems like a pretty logical thing to want to do. I was only spanked once as a kid, and I was just as confused about what I was Lady looking sex Spickard to feel about it as my mom was.

Why do people love to be spanked during sex?

Strgar says that when it comes to sex, pleasure and pain may be "one in the same" using examples of the runner's high and the complex "facial expressions during orgasmic release" - which, without context, could be mistake for pain. Spicing Horny women in University Park, IL up: Even the best of sex can fall into a stagnant routine. Invite me out to eat dinner with a group of people and I defy you to make me have a good time and not think about the fact that at the end of the meal we're going to have to figure out the bill.

As for why it's popular, both among those who don't associate with the BDSM community and those who consider themselves sadomasochists, Plante has one very basic reason that "cannot be overlooked as an explanation"—it feels good. Basically, there's not one reason for why someone may like spanking.

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And in the past 1,plus years, the sadomasochistic act has been a fascination of everyone from artists to philosophers to sex researchers in one dl or another. WeHeartIt I'm also a total control freak in most aspects of my life. But spanking someone in the context of a consensual and kinky night in? And once we get there, we're going to make sure you meet us across the finish line.

Just remember: With great power comes great responsibility Unpredicted stimuli fire up our dopamine receptors which, in womfn, gives us sexual pleasure.

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Of course, not everyone enjoys this practice, nor should they feel compelled to. As with any form of sexual exploration, communication and honesty is key.

The second-wave feminist viewpoint of BDSM would say women could never choose to be submissive. Rebecca Plante, an associate professor in Ithaca College's Department of Sociology, remembers that while writing her study Sexual Spanking, the Self, and the Construction of Deviance inthere was only one other academic article about erotic spanking and by a spankd with the last name Butt. How do you respond to the argument that sexual submission is oppressive to women? I'm not alone either.

Maybe at some point during the day, maybe during dinner.

YOU are choosing the person who is helping you achieve that release. In most modern cultures—the US included—standard cultural scripts eroticize basic heterosexual activity.

YOU are choosing to let your guard down. Cultural scripts relate to national ideologies and expectations, subcultural to those ideologies at the local level or according to ethnic or religious groupand interpersonal to interactions you have with others. Ever try spanking someone because they cut you in line at the grocery store?

Why is spanking so popular in the bedroom?

It can sting but does not cause serious pain or harm. For many women, being in controlworking to maintain control, or struggling to gain it, these are all huge parts of what it means to be a woman. Power is sexy.